Email Creation Tool

I developed this tool while working at Joey Ai to enhance the email creation processes. The tool is primarily coded in JavaScript, Using canvas where users can upload images, slice them into different parts, and automatically generate HTML code for sending it through an email. *Note: Not intended for mobile.

AI News Analysis

Leveraging a news API, this tool fetches the top 50 articles relating to bitcoin daily, which are then analyzed using ChatGPT to filter out irrelevant ones and provide a concise summary of each article's sentiment towards Bitcoin, distinguishing between positive and negative viewpoints. The overall outlook is determined by the ratio of positive to negative articles within the specified date range. While currently straightforward, future iterations could enhance accuracy and sophistication by refining article data, assigning varying degrees of "weight" or impact based on factors such as news publisher credibility or article popularity, ensuring more nuanced insights for users.
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